Madisonville (KY) Fire Chief Plans to Continue Department’s Progression

Recently sworn in as the new Madisonville Fire Chief, Gregory Leslie Brasher continues to carry on with what former Fire Chief Steven Stoltz started.

Brasher was first hired into the Madisonville Fire Department in 1992.

Originally, Brasher’s intentions were to work for the fire department for 20 years, then retire and go on to do something else.

Still learning his new duties as chief, Brasher said he wants to do the best he can to make sure his team has all that it needs.

Brasher said he plans to continue to make progression with the department.

Brasher said the department is looking to increase its EMS service.

“Even though we have a med center, we want to become more involved just in case,” said Brasher. “With the city’s help and the administration’s help, we’re going to try to become more active in that.”

Brasher said the department has an excellent fire prevention program.

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