Lyons Township (MI) Receives Two New Fire Apparatus

The Lyons Township Fire Department purchased a Crimson four-door chassis, while the Lyons Township Pewamo Fire Department purchased a two-door Rosenbaur chassis, according to Lyons Township Supervisor Charles Babcock.

“Both trucks have 1,500 gallon a minute Waterous pump and 1,000 gallon water tanks. Both trucks have foam capability and an on-board generator,” Babcock said.

Bill Wandell, who has served with the Lyons Township Pewamo Fire Department as fire chief since 1996, highlighted the increased organizational and safety features of the new truck.

“We have a safety ladder on the back, which is safer for operators, and tool boards that slide out. We’re able to organize much better, which makes it much faster to find tools when we need them,” Wandell said.

The total value of the trucks and equipment is $605,843, according to Babcock.

“We would like to thank the Lyons Township voters for making this happen and always for your continued support,” said Babcock.

Each truck was designed to fit the needs of the designated department. The Lyons Township Fire Department truck, for instance, has an extended cab to allow space for firefighters to get suited up, according to Lyons Township Fire Department Captain Jim Honnold.

“The trucks were built to meet the needs of each department. Both fire departments had several personnel involved in the design of each truck for their departments,” said Babcock.

For Lyons Township firefighters, the opportunity to have new, safer trucks with advanced features is still a novelty. The votes to pass the millage to purchase the trucks was very close, according to Wandell.

New equipment, such as an on-board generator, eight breathing apparatuses and shelves for organizing tools are all featured on the Lyons Township Pewamo Fire Department fire truck.

For Wandell, who has served with the department since 1988, the new truck will allow him and other members of the department the opportunity to address issues safer and quicker. Wandell’s background as a medical first responder has been beneficial to the department since they respond to many medical calls.

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