LYNX Firefighting Truck Concept

INDIANAPOLIS, INLast November, industry professionals in France and Spain attended the launch of a new all-terrain, firefighting and emergency vehicle jointly developed by Spanish bodywork specialist, the Iturri Group, and the Italian OEM, Bremach, with support from Allison Transmission.

After eight venues in France, the caravan reached Spain, where the official launch took place at the renowned INTA facilities in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid). During all of the events, participants were able to test-drive the vehicle on dedicated demo tracks. The INTA facility was ideal for ride and drive sessions with different gradients (10°, 30°, 50°), perfect for the start & stop tests, mud holes, narrow passages and very uneven road conditions.

Participants were impressed with the responsive smoothness of the fully automatic transmission, as well as the power, speed and maneuverability of the new vehicle built on a Bremach T-Rex chassis.

The light and extremely powerful vehicle was designed to meet the needs of the French and Spanish markets for a 4×4 vehicle which requires a particularly large water tank (528 gallons), strong extinguishing power (264 gallons per minute) and the ability to access difficult to reach rural or mountain areas.

The impressive water capacity of the tank is possible thanks to the truck body made of EcoPolyFire©, an innovative, fully recyclable, eco-friendly, plastic material developed by Iturri. This light, long-lasting and more resistant material is a new concept in mono-block bodywork design. It allows for a more compact vehicle with enhanced operations on any terrain. Especially important for this application, the LYNXʼs bodywork enables a greater water tank capacity for firefighting.

The LYNX is fitted with a 176-hp, 400 Nm, 3.0-liter twin-turbo Fiat Powertrain Technologies engine that is Euro V compliant. Ideal for off-road operations, it has a GVW of 14,330 pounds and is built on the T-Rex chassis developed by Italian manufacturer, Bremach.

The flexible structural design of the T-Rex responds to the most demanding and extreme requirements of emergency sectors. Modular “space frame” technology, also adopted by the most demanding and advanced passenger car manufacturers, makes the T-Rex vehicle cab a crash proof tubular cell (with integrated roll bar) and an ideal solution for crisis transportation, fire-fighting, civil protection and military services. The narrow 66.93 inch chassis makes the T-Rex a formidable rescue and support vehicle for natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods. It is fast and powerful for traversing debris and difficult to access areas and can even run along railway lines. Bremachʼs T-Rex can operate in temperatures ranging from -13 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit while still providing maximum safety, performance and reliability.

The LYNX is fitted with a five-speed Allison 1000 Series fully automatic transmission connected to the two-speed transfer box, which results in a total of 10 gear ratios. Allison torque converter technology ensures torque multiplication, hence superior startability and precise maneuvering on any terrain, even at very slow speeds. Climbing very steep and icy slopes is made easier thanks to the torque converter. Lastly, Allison products enjoy reliability, durability, and performance in the most severe operating conditions, becoming the preferred transmission for many emergency services worldwide.

In urban applications the major Allison advantages include quicker response time and better control. Drivers can concentrate solely on driving, with both hands on the steering wheel, while advanced electronic controls automatically select the optimal gear for each duty cycle.

Model LYNX Vehicle
Bodywork: Iturri
Chassis: Bremach T-Rex
Transmission: Allison 1000 Series
GVWR: 14,330 pounds
Water Tank Capacity: 476 to 528 gallons
Approach angle: 48º
Departure angle: 32º
Equipment: 1,323 pounds
Bodywork material: ECOPOLYFIRE©

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