Lubbock (TX) Has New Fire Apparatus

Lubbock Fire Station No. 19 near 98th Street and Frankford Avenue will receive a new aerial truck this upcoming week.

This truck finishes out the bond package from about six years ago that helped build three LFD stations.

Even though the truck is just one addition, this means that all 19 stations in Lubbock will each be able to respond to emergencies in minutes within a two-and-a-half mile radius.

This will help firefighters get to a scene sometimes before EMS, so they can start stabilizing anyone who cannot wait any longer for medical attention.

Division Chief Steve Holland has been with the Lubbock Fire Department for over 20 years, and said the city has grown rapidly since he first started. That is why this new truck was so vital, to space these five trucks throughout the city.

Once the new truck gets to the station, it will need to have the proper equipment installed to be ready to function; such as the Jaws of Life. Holland estimates this will take four to six weeks.

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