Loyall (NY) Agrees to Purchase Fire Apparatus

After negotiating with Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus in Union Grove, Ala. and accepting a bid from that same company, the city will purchase a 13-year-old fire truck to help protect their citizens.

During a meeting of the Loyall City Council on Monday, Fire Chief Vern Guffy said the new truck will replace a 32-year-old truck and should be arriving in the next four to six weeks.

Guffy went on to commend city treasurer Mandy Longworth for her “dedication and hard work” in finding funds to make this purchase possible.

Mayor Clarence Longworth agreed saying, “Mandy and Vern did the most work on this. We won’t even have to make a loan to purchase the truck. Mandy talked with the company and got the price down. She’s worked very hard on this.”

Longworth added the city will begin a long-term control plan for the fire department to replace other aging equipment.

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