Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department Unveils Fast Response Fire Apparatus


LOS ANGELES, CA—Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department (LAFD) Chief Ralph Terrazas, with members of the City Council and others, recently unveiled the department’s new Fast Response Vehicle (FRV) Pilot Program.

The FRV is a quad-cab pickup truck/brush patrol that functions as both a fire-suppression vehicle and first-response advanced life support (ALS) unit. One FRV is based in the North San Fernando Valley and the other serves the Central City/Pico-Union/Echo Park area during peak weekday hours to provide flexible fire and emergency medical service (EMS) response in some of the city’s busiest areas.

The fire truck carries all the equipment and medical supplies of a paramedic mobile intensive care unit and is also equipped with a 300-gallon water tank with pumping capacity.

“This trial program is another example of the LAFD working to find more efficient and effective ways to continually decrease response times and improve operational efficiency,” says Terrazas. Upon completion of the pilot program, the data will be evaluated. If the FRV is proven efficient, it may be expanded into other areas of the city.

“The fast response vehicle is particularly critical in the hillside communities of my district, and could potentially shave critical minutes off response times,” says councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, who represents the 13th District. “This new FRV is a step in the right direction, and the next step will include the return of the engine company that was taken during the budget cuts of 2011. I want to thank Chief Terrazas for working with me to make sure that the communities served by Fire Station 20 in Echo Park have all the resources they need, and that my district be kept safe.”

“Keeping our neighborhoods safe is a collective effort,” says councilmember Felipe Fuentes. “After hearing from numerous community members in Sylmar, I collaborated with Chief Terrazas and the LAFD to bring the necessary resources to ensure our residents get the services they need during emergencies. When seconds count, it’s good to know the Fast Response Vehicle will be able respond to our neediest residents in a timely manner.”

“The Fast Response Vehicle program is a great example of the city taking on innovative approaches to solving our most pressing problems,” says 3rd District councilmember Bob Blumenfield. “The FRV’s promise to dramatically enhance the fire department’s ability to effectively distribute critical fire company and ambulance resources while reducing response times. “I want to thank Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas for being, not merely a partner, but a champion for innovation in the City of Los Angeles.”

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