Longboat Key Fire Chief Gives Year End Report

Longboat Key (FL)Fire Chief Paul Dezzi distributed the Year End Report for 2011 and highlighted the department’s continuing education in learning all the latest techniques.

The following are some of the highlights:

Accomplishments 2011
1. Filled open positions in a timely manner
This has prevented overtime costs for replacing personnel to keep within minimum manning requirements.

2. Purchased iPads for Operations
This has proven to be a successful program.  The IT department and members of the senior staff have been working together in developing and implementing great applications that will improve the overall operations of the department.

3. Reorganized shifts based on specialties…shifts are even
The Deputy Chief’s met and realigned the department shifts so that all specialty personnel are equal among all three shifts.  This has proven to be a successful move for the operations of the department.

4. Provided public education to the community through the media and HOA meetings
Several articles have been published in area newspapers regarding public education, Fire/EMS training among other topics.
Participated in Citizens Academy
Public Education Program implemented for residents

5. Obtained State Grant for a new program; Beach Rescue Vehicle
This will improve response times on the beach, provide access into limited areas such as parks, and improve patient outcomes.

6. Obtained local grant for fire courses to be taught in-house to firefighters
For the first time in ten years we have hosted fire classes at LBKFR which sells our image as a well respected department wanting highest trained individuals.
The grant awarded was for $13,000 that allowed for 13 employees to sit in the class.
These classes allowed for our station libraries to be improved.
A second grant was awarded for an Incident Safety Course for $4,500.  This course will allow the department to have trained personnel that is required on all fire incidents.
A Hydraulic and Pump Class was provided to all employees to ensure overall scene safety of fire department personnel and citizens during fire operations.  These classes were taught while personnel were on-duty preventing any overtime.

7. Obtained grant for new fireboat
Through the WCIND Grant process the fire department obtained a grant to purchase a new fireboat.
The motors for this fireboat were approved last year and the funds encumbered until this year.
The bid was awarded to WorldCat.
The vessel is anticipated to be in service August 2012.

8. Established a public education program for the citizens
Through the Office of the Deputy Chief and the President of the Volunteers a public education program is being developed.
Education such as CPR/AED, Cooking Safety, and Injury Prevention are among topics being considered.

9. Established/implemented an employee recognition program
Personnel are recognized for their exemplary service to the community by a citation bar that is worn on their Class A uniform.
Personnel also choose a Firefighter of the Year and Officer of the Year who are recognized annually.
D/C Drake was Officer of the Year & F/P James Reynolds was Firefighter of the Year.

10. Recertified personnel in CPR and ACLS
All personnel have been recertified for the next two years.

11. Obtained approval to seek grant opportunities for a jet ski
The Town Manager has given permission for the FD to seek a grant for the purchase of a jet ski.
A DOH grant will be sought in FY12-13.

12. Implemented an annual fire inspection program through Operations
There were some issues and concerns with the lack of inspections being done annually.
By using shift inspectors to conduct annual fire inspections, 320 were completed compared to 68 in previous years.

13. Established a communication policy for all bridge tenders in emergency situations
Because of some concerns raised as to the way communication is done by public safety agencies, a meeting was held at Manatee County ECC with the bridge tenders.
A unified policy through ECC was established and implemented.

14. Physical Fitness (Healthier lifestyles & Increased Fitness Levels)

15. CPAT Testing
Became a member of the IAFF CPAT Program that will allow the department to have a larger pool of applicants when hiring.
This prevents overtime spending for LBKFR personnel to test and evaluate potential employees.

16. Extrication Demo
Second Annual VW Extrication Demo at the LBK Club
Executives from VW look for ways to improve their vehicles by having LBKFR personnel use hydraulic equipment on new VW.

17.  EMS Pediatric Symposium
LBK hosted this program taught by All Children’s physicians.
Attended by outside agencies as well as LBKFR personnel.

18.  CPR for Town Employees
Volunteer President conducted several CPR classes.
All Town employees participated and were re-certified.

19. Public Education Program
Developed and implemented several public education topics for the public.
Injury and Fire Prevention information.
LBK Club employee class on 9-1-1 operations

20. Water Rescue Equipment
A rescue board was purchased and assigned to the Polaris
New water rescue equipment was purchased along with bags to be carried on first-out apparatus.
Training is forthcoming.

For more information, view www.lbknews.com

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