Logan to Cover What’s Available for Aerials

The options for truck companies, when it comes to aerial devices, have expanded. Al Petrillo’s “The Impact of Reach: Are Longer Aerials Always Better?” states that traditionally the United States has relied on 75- to 100-foot-long aerials to handle the majority of truck work the fire service faces. However, there is a new class of aerial ladders available in the 125- to 135-foot range. 

George Logan Jr., vice president, E-ONE, Inc. will cover them all, “to educate the buyer on what is available and what works,” in “Aerials: The Short and the Long of It,” a conference presentation at the Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Online Conference and Expo.
Logan states that the hottest topics in his market right now include multifunctional apparatus, like quints; multiplex versus nonmultiplex; apparatus costs being driven by EPA and NFPA requirements; and customers not wanting to play for nonvalue-added items from their side.
When asked about key changes in his market during the past five years, he replied, “Obviously the market size and the economy and its affect on purchases.”
Logan’s presentation will include a discussion of the 75-foot quint–its popularity and flexibility requirements, as well as the increasing need for aerials exceeding 100 feet. He will “take the floor” on October 20 at 2:30 PM EST.
You can register for the Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Online Conference and Expo by visiting http://www.fireapparatusmagazine.com/index/online-event.html.
Registration for the event is free and all conference presentations will be archived for 30 days after the event’s conclusion on October 20. 
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