Lindale (TX) Fire Department Restores Fire Apparatus


After five years and an estimated $65,000 in donations, the Lindale Fire Department’s first fire truck, a 1945 Ford Seagrave, has been completely restored.

“They decided a little over five years ago that they wanted to do a restoration on the truck and bring it back to life,” said Shawn Houston, owner of Great American Classics in Lindale.

The refurbished truck is a 1945 Ford Seagrave with a 200-gallon tank capable of pushing water out of high-pressure hoses. This truck was in full service from 1945 until 1973.

“It’s just gorgeous, and the guys here at Great American Classics did an unbelievable job,” Lindale Fire chief Cory Crowell said.

The newly restored fire truck will be put in the auto and cycle show at Harvey Hall Feb. 20 to 22 and Fire Chief Crowell has high hopes that it will place well in the show.

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