Lincoln NE Fire and Rescue to Purchase Fire Apparatus

Lincoln Fire and Rescue will buy a nearly $330,000 fire engine from a Snyder-based manufacturer to replace a reserve engine in disrepair.

The new pump truck is a “bare bones,” reasonably priced replacement for an engine that’s started to rust and operators feel is unsafe for the road, Fire Chief John Huff said.

Purchased through a cooperative agreement, the engine is the first the department has bought since 2006, when the purchase of seven engines sparked a controversy.

Those engines, solicited on a $2 million contract, were supposed to replace half of an aging engine fleet.

But they didnt meet bid specifications, led to rebids, threatened lawsuits and triggered hundreds of thousands of dollars in late fees.
Then-Fire Chief Mike Spadt resigned, and Huff, who served as assistant chief at the time, was suspended, fired and then reinstated.

The department has bought six new ambulances and a new ladder truck in the last three years, all through a government cooperative.
Huff said he’s insulated himself from this purchase.

“I’ve had enough of a purchasing lesson that I don’t need another one.”

Vince Mejer, the city’s purchasing agent, called the deal a clean, transparent process. The contract was approved by an executive order from Mayor Chris Beutler.

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