Lincoln (NE) Commits $11 Million to Fire Station Replacement, Upgrades

Station 8 Lincoln (NE) Fire Department/Facebook Photo

Fire officials in Lincoln (NE) claim the fire stations in the city outdated and need repair or replacement and have committed $11 million to make upgrades, according to a report published by KLKNTV8.

Station 8, which was built in the 1950s on top of a cistern is in need of replacement, the television station reported, adding that the parking lot above the cistern is unusable and in danger of collapsing. Additionally, walls are cracking cabinets are coming apart and narrow staircases make it challenging for personnel to respond quickly, KLKN reported.

Station 8 will be demolished and a new one constructed while the other stations in the city will be renovated and modernized, the station reported, adding that although the project is still in the planning stage, the fire department is hoping a new station is built within three years.

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