LIFELINE® Rescue Tools Launches Second-Generation FIRE™ Tool

LIFELINE® Rescue Tools Announces A New Product Launch–the Second-Generation FIRE™ Tool for Firefighters Plus Two New Products For Other Commercial Applications.

LIFELINE Rescue Tools LLC, designer and manufacturer of high-performance specialty devices for the fire-fighting industry and other professional and commercial applications, today announced impressive new upgrades to the company’s flagship product, the LIFELINE FIRE™ Series. The 2nd Gen FIRE™ tool now features ultra-bright fluorescent handles and sheath plus BlackCat™ tactical coating. By applying the latest developments in vision science to their handles and sheaths, LIFELINE® can now offer a product with greater visibility, durability and added corrosion resistance.

“The Second-Gen FIRE™ Series is a triple threat,” said Vincent Rao, president, and general counsel, “with its patented aggressive cutting serrations, heat resistance up to 572ºF, and now ultra-bright fluorescent color for greater visibility”. This portable multi-functional tool is quickly becoming standard issue equipment at firehouses around the world. LIFELINE® products are now available in 3 continents across 7 countries.

LIFELINE will also launch second-generation products for JAWZ™ their underwater series, plus brand new products for Offshore, Utility, and Commercial applications.

“The decision to make our FIRE™ tool fluorescent is a direct result of customer feedback. We’re excited about adding new features, expanding our tool’s versatility while maintaining the features our customers love; a tool that’s portable, light-weight with an easy to use single-handed self-releasing sheath and serrations so aggressive they’ll cut through nearly anything”, said Jay Counsellor, CEO LIFELINE® Rescue Tools.


About Lifeline Rescue Tools

LIFELINE® Rescue Tools LLC designs and manufactures high-performance rescue tools for the fire-fighting, law enforcement, scuba diving, military, offshore oil and gas, utility and commercial fishing industries. LIFELINE’s products are manufactured from materials made in the United States. Since 2015, the company has sold thousands of its tools throughout the United States and internationally (i.e., Canada, China, the European Union, Israel, India, Malaysia, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates). With one of the most experienced and passionate leadership teams in the business, LIFELINE is proud of the impact their products have made to the communities they serve in such a short amount of time. Their philosophy, mission, and goals are simple, to continue to develop and innovate tools that make a difference.

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