Lewistown (MT) Enjoys New Fire Apparatus

The Lewistown Fire Department is enjoying a brand new 2014 International Chassis Smeal Fire Apparatus.

This new fire truck enhances the department and makes fighting fire both safer, Lewistown Fire Chief Keith Kucera said.

“This truck is more dependable and makes it easier for us to do our jobs,” Kucera said. “I love it, and the other firefighters love it, too. It’s user-friendly and just a great all-around truck.”

The capabilities of the new truck include: a more advanced compressor, a crew cab, a compressed air foam system, an automatic extending monitor, a ladder on top accessible by pressing a button, a large supply hose, automatic hose bed doors and bigger pump capacities.

“This truck has the biggest pump in our department,” Kucera said. “It can pump 1,500 gallons per minute.”

The new fire truck also has 4-wheel drive, which is a necessity in the area.

“This is the first 4-wheel drive truck we’ve had in the City of Lewistown,” Kucera said. “It’s hard to believe. You know how the snowstorms are around here. There were times in the past when the rural fire truck was the only truck we could use to get around, so this is pretty ideal.”

The Lewistown Fire Department received the truck thanks to a $357,976 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The City of Lewistown added a 5-percent match to cover the cost of the truck.

For more information, view www.lewistownnews.com



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