LED Mars Light for Fire Apparatus

Tri Lite Mars has released a new LED version of the iconic Mars TB8 warning light designed for emergency vehicles. The original halogen TB8, known as the Mars “888” Traffic Breaker has a long history of use on fire trucks but the new LED version is quickly becoming the preferred choice due to its energy efficiency, brightness, and rugged durability. The TB8-L1 LED model is three times brighter and last thousands of hours longer than any comparable halogen model on the market. It draws less than half the amps or watts of traditional warning lights and is also more durable because there are no fragile filaments to break.

Both the new TB8-L1 LED lamp and the traditional TB8 are available in pedestal mounted or flush mounted styles; either can be ordered with red or clear lenses. The voltage range for the LED models is 12-24VDC while the halogen models have separate 12V or 24V options. These warning lights provide a bright and oscillating beam that aids in clearing the road, day or night, even in adverse conditions.

For more information, visit www.triliteinc.com.

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