LeClaire City Council IA Discuss New Fire Apparatus

LeClaire City Council has voted not to budget for a $600,000 fire engine by a 3-2 vote.

Council member Ray Allen said before the meeting that the debate would be more of a question of making sure the city purchases the right emergency vehicle and how and when they will fit it into the budget.

“There’s no room in the budget without borrowing more,” Allen said Monday before the meeting.

The vehicle of debate is a $600,000 rescue pumper fire engine. LeClaire’s department currently has two basic fire engines, one aerial ladder truck, one designated rescue vehicle and one brush rescue truck.

If LeClaire decides to purchase the combination-response vehicle, Allen said the city would get rid of the designated rescue vehicle and one of the basic fire engines.

“It’s not an easy decision for the city to add another $600,000 of debt,” Allen said. “You can’t do that on a town of 3,800 without feeling it.”

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