Las Vegas Organizations Helping to Restore Fire Apparatus

North Las Vegas firefighters are working to preserve a 1941 Howe-International fire engine.

The Howe Fire Apparatus Company built the fire engine for the department in the early days of its incorporation in May 1946. The fire truck served the community for approximately 20 years, according to North Las Vegas Fire Capt. Cedric Williams.

Although the fire engine’s history after being taken out of service is unclear, it was found in a scrapyard more than 10 years ago.

Firefighters in North Las Vegas were first organized when Old Town became a township in the early 1930s, according to

It was part of the fire department’s growth, helping it develop from a volunteer organization into a career department in the mid- 1950s, according to Williams.

The fire engine now belongs to the North Las Vegas Firefighters Association.

“I like to say that the vehicle found us,” said North Las Vegas Fire Capt. Sergio Reynoso. “It’s a small engine compared to what we see now, but it’s an important link to our past and how much we’ve developed.”

The planning of the project started in December 2012, and the restoration started in September last year.

Because many of the original parts are no longer available, Williams said the end goal would be to create an updated vehicle.

The restoration process will include both modern and vintage pieces in order to create an easily accessible vehicle that can be shown at school and community events.

In order to help with the organization’s efforts, car dealership Park Place Infiniti has contributed $2,075 toward the project.

This historical preservation project is expected to cost between $50,000 and $60,000. The firetruck will be used as a mobile display and educational tool for schools and special events once the restoration is complete.

J’s Classics, a classic vehicle restoration shop in North Las Vegas, is in charge of restoring the firetruck led by project manager George “Crazy George” Ramirez.

The organization hopes to establish a link to the fire department’s past and educate and inspire future generations and has raised $10,000 through fundraisers and contributions. The next fundraiser is planned June 7 at Craig Ranch Regional Park, 628 W. Craig Road.

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