Larson Electronics’ Magnalight Announces Addition of Explosion Proof Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Larson Electronics’ announced today that it has added an explosion proof rechargeable LED flashlight to its line of explosion proof and intrinsically safe flashlights EXP-LED-51.

Larson Electronics Magnalight EXP-LED-51The rechargeable explosion proof LED flashlight delivers high LED light output combined with rugged construction and a variety of lighting modes. This explosion proof flashlight is rated Class 1 Division 1 and Class II Division 1 and produces 130 lumens of illumination using a C4 LED rated at 50,000 hours of operational life. A dual switch design allows users to toggle through three different light modes, “High”, “Low” and “Dim”. The LED flashlight has one of the lowest operating costs in the industry, providing exceptional value in a versatile explosion proof flashlight that is ready for use any time the need arises.

The explosion proof rechargeable LED flashlight has three settings and can be toggled between light levels using the multi-function on/off switch. Simply pressing the switch once activates the light in high mode to produce a powerful 130 lumen light beam and 4 hours of runtime. Holding the switch down Larson Electronics Magnalight EXP-LED-51activates the light in low mode and produces a smaller 50 lumen light beam that will last for up to 12 hours. Extreme runtime is produced by holding the switch down for ten seconds which activates the flashlight’s dim mode, producing a very mild 1.3 lumens of light that can provide a runtime of up to 480 hours. 

The explosion proof flashlight LED flashlight comes with a mountable charging base that can be attached to walls or flat surfaces. This allows the user to mount the entire flashlight and charger as a unit in locations the user finds the most convenient. The charging unit acts as a holder and the user simply snaps the light in and out of its charging base as needed. This is highly convenient in areas where operators regularly enter and exit hazardous locations to check on operations or conditions and need a portable source of illumination. 

Simply mount the unit to a wall near the most visited area and operators can easily grab a ready to use and always charged source of explosion proof lighting when they enter the work space. Also included with this flashlight are 2 charging stands and two cords. Attach one of the charging cords to the stand to gain power then snap the LED flashlight into the charging stand to begin charging the flashlight. A 120V wall plug cord (VAC) and 12V vehicle cigarette plug cords (VDC) are both included. 

“The EXP-LED-51 is a lightweight, rechargeable explosion proof LED flashlight with a convenient snap-in wall mounted charging base,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’  “Operators looking for varying levels of light intensity, long battery run times and a lightweight, portable Class 1 rated flashlight will find the EXP-LED-51 a useful addition for inspection work and general safety work.”

Larson Electronics’ carries an extensive line of explosion proof flashlights, hazardous location lights, intrinsically safe flashlights, portable explosion proof lights and intrinsically safe lights. You can view Larson Electronics’ Magnalight line of hazardous location lighting at
Magnalight can be reached directly by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.

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