Lamar (CO) Makes Quick Decision to Buy a Demo Fire Truck

After Lamar (CO) Fire Department’s fire engine failed its annual pump certification recently, the city council held a last-minute meeting and decided to purchase a demonstrator pumper to replace it, according to a report published by The Prowers Journal.

The media outlet reported the councilors voted to spend $590,598 for a 2021 Pierce Enforcer demo engine which happens to be in Frederick, CO, and can be delivered in 30 to 45 days.

A lower price pumper with a price tag of $551,855 was also available, but would take up to 120 days for delivery and would require an additional $20,000 to install a foam system the firefighters need, according to the report.

The new engine will replace the city’s oldest structural firefighting apparatus which is 30 years old and past its retirement age, according to the report.

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