Lakeland (FL) Debuts New Fire Apparatus

The fire department welcomed their clean-cab concept engine into service Monday, outfitted with simple changes inside that will make all the difference. 

“We’ve got a lot of smooth, non-porous surfaces like vinyl seating, and solid surfaces that are much easier to clean than the materials we had in the past,” said Chief Hartzog. “There’s the HEPA filtration system that captures all the harmful smoke.”   

The truck, which cost over $590,000, includes updates to the outside as well. Outside, it has an exhaust pipe that burns off the carcinogens before they exit the system.

“This is important because during cold starts, that’s where we’re around the apparatus and susceptible to the exhaust coming out,” added Chief Hartzog. “It’s very important that we’re protecting the driver inside the truck, or firefighters who are putting tools back in place while the engine is idling.” 

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