Lake Elsinore (CA) Firefighters Await Fire Apparatus Arrival

Lake Elsinore’s a 2014 custom-built, state-of-the-art, fire-engine fire truck is ready for action.

Ordered more than a year ago, the “quint” firefighting vehicle, so named because it offers five major functions, is now parked at the city’s Rosetta Canyon Fire Station. It should be put into service next week after it goes on public display before Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

The primary advantage of the quint is that it amalgamates the functions of a ladder truck and a pump engine into one vehicle, while adding a variety of other features.

With their advanced capabilities, quint trucks are becoming more of the norm these days in the firefighting industry. Other nearby jurisdictions such as Perris and Menifee already have them. Murrieta likes its vehicle so much the City Council decided Sept. 2 to order another one.

Lake Elsinore’s first quint was built by the Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. in Snyder (NE).

County fire officials recommended that the city obtain the quint to coincide with the opening of the Rosetta Canyon station in part because of the lack of one or an aerial ladder truck in the immediate area.

With a 75-foot aerial ladder and portable ground ladders totaling about 125 feet, the quint possesses far more ladder capability than is typical.

The aerial ladder enables firefighters to more quickly access roofs and other high spots, while it also can be used for aerial views and photography, said Lake Elsinore Battalion Chief Mark Barr, who runs the city’s department.

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