Lake County (FL) Dedicates Fire Apparatus

The Lake County Public Safety Department’s Fire Rescue Division has begun a new tradition that is steeped in history, dedicating three new fire trucks in ceremonious fashion.

Assistant Chief Jim Dickerson explained that in the 1800s, fire truck dedications were like a Fourth of July party in communities, with everyone coming out to take a peek and celebrate the arrival of the new engine.

In line with the dedications of horse-drawn fire trucks in the early 19th century, firefighters at each location unveiled the truck’s new name, shined its tires and pushed it back into the firehouse with the help of dignitaries and members of the community.

Engine 71 in Leesburg recently was dedicated and named Fran, while Engine 54 in Lady Lake was dubbed Brandy and Engine 39 in Sorrento was dedicated as Eleanor.

Lake County Commission members Welton Cadwell and Leslie Campione were in attendance at Stations 54 and 39, respectively, to support the new tradition. At Station 39, more than two dozen people came out to celebrate as Pastor Earl Wright of the Sorrento Christian Center blessed the engine.

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