Ladder Access System for Fire Apparatus

Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) Ladder Access System—Extend Down Model LAS-XTYARDLEY, PA—Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) introduces the Ladder Access System—Extend Down, Model LAS-XT, combing its time-tested LAS ladder rack design with a new, patented cable-and-pulley system capable of raising and lowering ladders an additional 12 inches for quick, easy, and safe retrieval from high apparatus shelves.

Mounting the LAS-XT to a fire apparatus high shelf allows for more compartment space in the side body underneath. Mounting to a standard shelf makes ladder retrieval even easier for shorter personnel.

Two self-contained hydraulic actuators provide increased strength and reliability and create a more even, parallel operating motion. The rugged, cast aluminum system sustains a maximum load of 300 pounds and can accommodate additional accessories such as hard sleeves, pike poles, and folding ladders. The LAS-XT works with both new and existing fire apparatus and is NFPA-compliant.

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