LA Fire District to Demolish Station

The authority has been granted to demolish a fire station of St. Tammany Fire Protection District (LA) that was the scene of a fire in early September.

Fire officials believe the fire was started by electrical means. Since that time, the firefighters formerly working out of the station were transferred to nearby fire stations for work.

Fire District 1 would enter into a cooperative endeavor agreement with St. Tammany Parish. The parish agreed to lend Fire District 1 a plot of land–adjacent to the station and parish water pumping property-for the purpose of placing temporary living quarters and a barn that would house a fire apparatus. 

Details include approved use of the property as provided for up to one year by the parish and the second document approved the placement of a 28 by 40 foot mobile home as living quarters and a 30 by 40 foot temporary-barn for storing a fire apparatus on the property.

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