Kussmaul Makes Two New Units For Fire Trucks

Kussmaul Electronics Company has developed two new products designed to address specific problems with emergency vehicles and apparatus.

The first is an auto drain to solve the perennial problem of removing condensation from the output air pressure line of an air compressor, found on emergency vehicles with air brakes.

The second is an electronic open compartment door detector that senses the extremely low DC currents that might be encountered with modern LED lamps.

The auto drain device is designed specifically for fire apparatus, emergency vehicles and ambulances that use a Kussmaul auto pump to maintain vehicle air pressure. The new companion device automatically drains the water from the collecting bowl after each cycle of compressor operation.

By ensuring the task of draining the condensate is performed automatically, water damage to the compressor is eliminated as well as damage to other pneumatic components on the vehicle.

Kussmaul’s Auto Current detects low current drain, as low as 1000 milli-amperes, an amount that requires a high sensitivity current sensor, an important feature as power hungry incandescent lamps are replaced with low current LED lamps.

When activated, the Auto Current turns on an indicator to warn the vehicle’s operator that a door is open.

For information call 800-346-0857 or go to www.kussmaul.com

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