Kussmaul Dual-Output Battery Charger

Kussmaul's new charger
Kussmaul’s new charger

Kussmaul Electronics Co., Inc., has a new dual-output battery charger called the AUTO CHARGE 24/12 HO, Model 091-175.

It is a high-output automatic battery charger designed for vehicles that have both 12-volt and 24-volt electrical systems.

Often vehicles with 12-volt electrical systems require additional equipment that is available only in a 24-volt configuration. The company said its AUTO CHARGE 24/12 HO permits adding batteries for the 24-volt system and maintaining the 12-volt and 24-volt batteries independently.

The charger is completely automatic and separately senses each battery – providing only as much charging current to each one as is required. A unique patented, voltage-sensing circuit detects the state of charge of each battery and ensures proper charging, according to the company.

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