Kussmaul Auto Charge 2000 PLC for Fire Apparatus

The Kussmaul Auto Charge 2000 PLC is replacing the original AC2000. This new dual battery bank charger with parasitic load compensation (PLC) technology is fully customizable to the needs of each fire truck which solves a common problem with parasitic loads. This technology was developed to prolong battery life even further by using a three-step charging algorithm with the ability to shift the absorption stage and put the charger into float mode. This is done by the user inputting the parasitic load draw into the charger, so once the desired battery current is reached, the charger will switch over to float mode. By allowing the charger to go into float mode more often, you’re prolonging the life of the battery and preventing battery “boil over.” The Auto Charge 2000 PLC also has a 3-amp battery saver on a separate circuit that can be turned on or off which allows a small load to be charged separately.

For more information, visit http://kussmaul.com/091-237-12.html.

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