Kussmaul Auto Charge

The Kussmaul Auto Charge 1000, with Parasitic Load Compensation (PLC), is a compact, microprocessor-controlled, completely automatic, single-channel battery charger designed for vehicles with a single battery system. The PLC charger is designed to withstand the shock and vibration encountered by vehicle-mounted equipment.

This new parasitic load compensation feature is designed especially to meet the heavy-duty requirements of emergency vehicles. Most emergency vehicles have many parasitic loads on their systems—flashlights, gas detectors, computers, monitoring systems, and other items—that can trick a standard three-step charger into overcharging the batteries. Parasitic load compensation allows fleet managers to input the total number of parasitic load amps on the vehicle. Then the charger will shift the absorption stage setpoint so the battery voltage will drop to the float voltage when the desired current is reached. In short, the parasitic loads are invisible to the charger. This will lead to a longer battery life and no overcharging or overheating.

This charger has three remote indicator options. Option 1 is the standard, 10-element, single-bar-graph display. Option 2, is the Auto Charge Deluxe Status Indicator. This indicator has a digital voltage and ampere display, a five-segment bar graph display to indicate the output current, and four LEDs to show the condition of the batteries. Option 3 is the Watertight Auto Charge Deluxe Status Center. This is the same indicator as option 2, but the indicator is housed in a watertight bezel. The bezel is available in six different colors: red, white, blue, yellow, gray, and black.

For more information, visit www.kussmaul.com.

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