Kovenex Liners Get Repellent Finish

Firemen and rescue workers can now perform more safely in wet conditions due to a liquid-repellent finish being added to Kovenex thermal liners.

Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, manufacturer of the Kovenex product line, declares the finish effective in conditions stemming from water and petroleum.

The new product passes AATCC-22 and AATCC-35 testing standards for water repellency, said Matt Smith, the company’s business development director. Kovenex thermal liners maintain breathability and have effective moisture vapor transmission rates after treatment, he noted.

Kovenex has a reputation for protecting against flames and heat, but before now never claimed to be liquid-repellent. “With the addition of this finish to our fabrics, we are pleased to provide an important new level of protection,” Smith said.

For more information go to www.kovenex.com.

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