Kochek Storage Solution for High-Pressure Cylinders

PUTNAM, CT—Kochek Company recently announced the launch of SafeTSystem™, a complete compressed air cylinder storage and handling system for SCBA and O2 cylinders. Uniquely portable and versatile, the lightweight, durable aluminum system consists of interchangeable holder carriers, storage racks, hand carts, and apparatus mounts. Modern manufacturing methods and materials have made SCBA and O2 cylinders lighter and thinner while bearing even more pressure, making their safe transport a priority for firefighters and a focus of strict handling protocol by health and safety agencies. After conducting extensive field testing, Kochek is pleased to now make available to firefighters its exclusive SafeTSystem for the safe handling and transport of high-pressure cylinders.

Each SafeTSystem holder carrier accommodates two high-pressure cylinders for manual transport, enabling a single firefighter to safely carry and set down up to four cylinders at one time. The added protection of cylinders during transport and staging protects firefighters against injuries, avoids damage to public property, and reduces cylinder maintenance and early replacement costs.  

Based on a T-handle design, the SafeTSystem holder carrier locks cylinders in place and then securely locks the device into a truck compartment, station storage rack, or mobile cart. A quarter-turn of the T handle in either direction allows simple removal of encased cylinders for safe, manual transport from staging/rehab areas and refill sites, eliminating risks from carrying high-pressure cylinders by valve handles or assemblies and from dropping them in hazardous environments.

The SafeTSystem holder carrier is adaptable to precisely fit a user’s configurations, resulting in better organization and improved efficiency and safety when transporting cylinders from station to apparatus to staging/rehab areas and refill sites. Constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum, the SafeTSystem comes in multiple sizes and configurations to accommodate various types of cylinders, up to 4,500 psi. Cylinders may be stored vertically or horizontally. Station rack floor mounts, mobile racks, hand carts, and utility truck tailgate racks are interchangeable and designed to adapt to each user’s specific needs.

The SafeTSystem is ideal for storing and transporting multiple cylinders on all types of air support vehicles, including large department and command vehicles and utility pickup trucks. The station rack securely stores O2 cylinders and converts easily from in-station storage to a transport device that can be loaded into fire apparatus or pickup trucks and moved wherever needed at an incident scene. A third wheel folds out from the hand cart when needed to further simplify fast and stable transport through narrow doorways and elevators. The system can be retrofitted easily to an existing fleet.

For more information, visit http://info.kochek.com/safetsystem_lp.


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