KME Unveils New Rescue-Pumper, Ladder Products

The KME 2012 FDIC exhibit featured a wide range of custom apparatus. KME apparatus features both Cummins and MaxxForce engines with ratings from 300 to 600 hp. These brands also represent both urea and non-urea based technologies for emission compliance.

KME’s display included a 405-hp MaxxForce 10 engine, a new rating for that model. In addition, KME had a pumper with a MaxxForce 13, 450-hp 13-litre engine paired with an Allison 3000 EVS transmission. Also an FDIC exclusive, this combination offers big bore engine power with the affordability of the 3000 EVS transmission, saving customers up to $7,000.

Apparatus with both Cummins ISL and ISX engines was also on display.

KME’s display also featured an all new 123-foot AerialCat™ rear-mount ladder being delivered to the Westfield (IN) Fire Department. The device has an unrestricted 500-pound wet/dry tip load and a 1,500-gpm waterway.

rear-mount ladder

Other features include:

  • 114-foot Horizontal Reach—With a 114’ horizontal reach, even during setback building operations the higher vertical reach and longer horizontal reach allow for  37 percent more scrub zone of a building than the typical competitive ladders.
  • 2.5:1 Structural Safety Factor—KME’s ladders are constructed with 110,000-psi steel, the strongest in the fire service and are the only steel ladders to offer a 2.5:1 structural safety factor.
  • Store Front Blitz—KME’s waterway design and flow capability provide the ability to offer our “Store Front Blitz” feature. This design feature allows for the ladder to be positioned below horizontal and flow a 1,500-gpm master stream above the centerline of the ladder. The tip of the ladder can be positioned inside a store front or structure and allow for a blitz interior attack with the aerial waterway.
  • Safe and Clear Climbing Ladder—Special attention was given to the height and width of the ladder section dimensions. The fly section touts a fire service best height of 23.5- and 23.25-width giving personnel the security and work space required for safe travel. In addition, the wide fly section allows for a Stokes basket to slide through the ladder and for a full width roof ladder to be stored in the fly section.
  • Stainless Steel Bolt-On Egress—The ladder incorporates a new stainless steel bolt-on egress with knurled stainless steel handrails and rungs, increasing safety and reducing possible paint damage that is typical at the ladder tip. The egress is equipped with “Ladder Tip Skid Guards” on the very tip, which allow the ladder tip to slide on a roof or side of a building without getting caught on building materials.

Finally, KME featured a new rescue-pumper with a compact, all digital pump panel display.

KME rescue-pumper

The featured KME rescue-pumper addressed a variety of needs expressed by pump operators, mechanics, and fleet services staff.

Features include:

  • Increased Storage Capacity for Pump and Rescue Equipment—All body compartments are 29 inches deep and full height for 496 cubic feet of storage capacity. The driver side body roof storage compartments are setup to carry a stokes basket and a little giant ladder, both deployable from the rear of the apparatus, while still providing ample storage up top for unique equipment.
  • Easy Access to Ladders—Ladders are stored in a fully enclosed storage compartment, at frame rail height. This allows deployment at waist height for the firefighter and provides full protection for the ladder in storage.
  • Safe Hosebed Access—The primary hosebed is approximately 47 inches above the rear step providing access to the bed from ground level which will prevent accidents and injuries. The LDH bed is capable of holding 1,000 feet of five-inch supply line.
  • Maneuverable Operations—The 34-inch pump panel helps achieve a 187-inch wheelbase, which provides a short turning radius. It measures 31-feet seven inches.
  • Full Pumper and Rescue Capability—The full height/full depth compartments on both sides bring heavy rescue storage capability while still maintaining a pumper with a 1,500-gpm pump, 975 gallons of water and 25 gallons of foam.
  • Simplified Pump Operations and Maintenance—The all digital, touch screen pump display provides both pressure and flow readings and a central controller for all valves to minimize cost. In addition, without handles on the panel, it’s easy to access the pump for full access maintenance.

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