KME to Build Rescue Truck and Pumper for Shrewsbury Department

SHREWSBURY, NJ – The Shrewsbury Hose Company No. 1 recently received the OK to spend $592 thousand for two new pieces of apparatus: a rescue unit built on a commercial chassis and a pumper built on a custom chassis. KME won the contract for the two units.

The decision to add the apparatus came after the fire company conducted a needs assessment. During this process, it determined that the fire company is perating with vehicles that are the end of their life cycle, according to The Hub. Chief Jerzy Chojnacki cites the company’s current rescue truck as an example of one such unit, which is a retired ambulance.

This vehicle is almost 1,000 pounds over its gross weight and cannot carry all the rescue equipment necessary to performto conduct a rescue. The department has not purchased a vehciel specifically for rescue since the mid 1970s.

The fire department responded to 229 calls in 2011, including about 30-40 percent of all motor vehicle accidents, entrapments, carbon monoxide calls, and any kind of rescue or reported structure fires, according to the chief.

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