KME Fire Apparatus Introduces PRO® 79-Foot AerialCat Ladder

KME Fire Apparatus has introduced its new PRO® Series 79-foot Ladder to its AerialCat™ line. The PRO Series was built as a multipurpose response vehicle with ergonomically designed manual controls, increased pump operator safety features and ultimate equipment carrying capacity.

The benefits of the PRO 79-foot AerialCat™ Ladder include:

  • Ergonomically engineered manual control panel – with vertical swing and push-pull handles to reduce complexity, increase reliability, optimize operator pump training time and is overall easier to use – resulting in significantly increased operator efficiency and reduced cost of ownership
  • Relocated pump operator connections – positioned adjacent to the pump operator, provides safer operator area
  • Serviceability – allows easy access to the pump from both sides of the body without lifting the cab
  • 232-inch wheelbase – provides maneuverable turning radius to operate in tight conditions
  • 238 cubic feet of compartment space – capable of carrying the equivalent of a large rescue body full of tools and equipment.
  • Low accessible speedlays with slide out trays.

“The PRO Series Pumper line has been capturing customer’s attention since the introduction of the line,” said Pete Hoherchak, Product Manager, KME. “We saw the need for a 79-foot rescue aerial that offered the added features of the PRO Series.”

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