Kingston (NY) Fire Apparatus Breaks Down at Fire Scene

A Kingston Fire Department (NY) pumper broke down at a house fire on Linderman Avenue.

Deputy Chief Wayne Platte said the eight-year-old apparatus ceased working Sunday night as firefighters were spraying water on hot spots.

Platte said the pumper truck was functioning during most of the effort to put the flames out. It broke down after the fire was declared “under control,” he said.

If the breakdown had happened earlier in the firefighting effort, department members could have been in danger, Platte said.

“When you have firefighters in a (burning) building and the engine breaks down, somebody could get hurt,” he said.

Another pumper was brought to the scene after the breakdown, and the malfunctioning truck was towed away, Platte said.

The pumper truck problem comes at a time when Kingston Fire Chief Mark Brown has been pressing city leaders for a new ladder truck because the current ladder unit is prone to breakdowns.

The current ladder truck was purchased in 1988. A new truck would cost more than $1 million and take 18 months to deliver.

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