Kings County CA Fire Apparatus Gains New Life

The Kings County Fire Department (CA) wants to donate five retired fire engines to a station in Sonora, Mexico.

Fire Chief Bill Lynch said the engines no longer meet state and federal regulations, but could still be of use to the Bomberos de Mexico program.

“We can’t use them, we can’t sell them, our only other option is to scrap them,” Lynch said. “So why not give them to people who need them?”

Lynch’s proposal includes three engines from 1987, two from 1978 and about 175 lengths of 3-inch surplus hose the county has left over from switching to synthetic hose material.

Lynch said the equipment is still serviceable but that they may not pump to absolute capacity.

“We’ve donated equipment to this program before,” Lynch said. “A few of our employees have a close connection to them and we know their ability to purchase new equipment is limited. So we like to help them out any way we can.”

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