Kimtek FIRELITE Series Quick Response Fire Apparatus

Westmore, VT–Kimtek’s FIRELITE™ Transport compact skid unit series offers versatile, cost effective quick response solutions for remote and facility fire service use. Rugged and rust proof, these lightweight slip-in fire skid units offer quality construction at an affordable cost. Kimtek partners with fire equipment producers such as Darley®, Hannay®, Scotty®, and Integra®, to produce firefighting skid units for ATV/UTVs and pickup beds.

FIRELITE units are constructed of bright aluminum diamond plate with aluminum tubing sub-frame and use stainless steel piping and valves. All FIRELITE units come with a rescue area to carry a stokes litter, long board or optional cross lay hose tray. A large storage section with tail gate for storing hard suction, forestry hose, nozzles, and other appliances is built in. The units are designed to be lifted by reinforced undercarriage fork lift supports or by four corner eye bolts.

The FIRELITE Transport FDH compact skid unit for ATV/UTVs features a stationary 5.5-hp Darley two-stage high-pressure pump; integrated 55- or 70-gallon Integra baffled poly water tank with sight gauge and around the pump one-inch line with shut off for water pack fill; and a Hannay Series 4000 manual crank reel with 50 feet of one-inch booster hose.

The FIRELITE Transport FDHP compact skid unit for pick-up trucks features a stationary Darley two-stage high pressure pump in sizes from 5.5 to 13 hp, some with electric start; an Integra baffled poly water tank, with 125-, 160-, or 200-gallon capacity, integrated tank sight gauge and an adapter to refill water backpacks in the field without stating the pump; a Scotty 4071 Around-The-Pump Foam System with integrated five-gallon foam tank; and a Hannay Series 4000 electric rewind reel with booster hose.

The FIRELITE SUPERMAX Transport compact skid unit for ATV/UTVs was designed for customer interested in larger tank sizes. These units feature a stationary Darley high pressure firefighting pump (5.5-, 9-, or 13-hp options), a Hannay 4000 electric rewind reel and 100 feet of ¾-inch or 50 feet of one-inch booster hose, an 85-gallon Integra baffled poly water tank with sight gauge and around the pump one-inch line with shut-off for water pack refill, and a Scotty 4071 foam system with five-gallon foam cell.

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