Kicking Cancer: Daughter of Rock Hill FD Captain Needs Support

Kicking Cancer with 9-year-old old Brooklyn!- Daughter of Captain Chris Channell

Firefighter Jaime Mathewson of the Rock Hill Fire Department in Rock Hill, South Carolina has enlisted the help of Piedmont ESS and Majestic Fire apparel to build and supply a custom, one of a kind teal, Nomex hood to be sold specifically for the benefit of Brooklyn Channell, the 9 year old daughter of Captain Chris Channell of the Rock Hill Fire Department

Brooklyn ChannellBrooklyn Channell was born with Cleft lip and Palate and has endured several surgeries for both including one conducted recently. The blood work from her last surgery indicated an abnormality and a tumor was discovered on her ovary. 

On Friday June 3rd a CT-Scan was conducted and surgery to remove the tumor and perform a biopsy was scheduled for Monday June 6. The surgery confirmed the worst, that the tumor was in fact cancerous. The ovary was removed and a biopsy of the remaining ovary was taken. A pathology report also indicated cancer in her remaining ovary. 

Brooklyn is scheduled for surgery to remove the remaining ovary and place a porta-cath for chemo treatments this Thursday June 24th. Brooklyn will start chemotherapy in early July as soon as she has a chance to recover from the second cancer surgery. 

Her chemo treatments will consist of a 6 day stay at Levine’s Children’s Hospital and 13 days out on a rotating schedule for 9-12 weeks.

Piedmont ESS and Majestic Fire: A custom Nomex hood sold specifically for the benefit of Brooklyn Channell, the 9 year old daughter of Captain Chris Channell of the Rock Hill Fire Department.


The signifying color of ovarian cancer is teal. Fire suppression personnel wearing the teal fire hoods on shift would show support for Brooklyn. The money raised by selling the hoods would go directly to a fund to help the family pay the extensive medical bills which will accrue over time. 

Buy a Hood:  
100% of the proceeds of the sale of these hoods is going directly to a fund set up by the family, to benefit Brooklyn.


Please contact FF Mathewson for Pricing.  She can also take your order for the hoods. 

You may also contact Piedmont ESS to place your order. 
FF Jamie Mathewson
Piedmont ESS, LLC

Make a donation:

Donations can be made directly to:

Brooklyn Channell Fund
Family Trust Federal Credit Union
P.O Box 10233
Rock Hill, SC 29731
To leave support comments and get updates on Brooklyn the family has set up a website:

A special THANKS goes out to Majestic Fire Apparel for not hesistating to say YES!



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