Kenwood Announces New Products for Public Safety

Suwanee, GA – Kenwood U.S.A., announced several products in March and April for Public Safety, including:
  • New P25 10 Series “G-Model” Radios Offer Multiple Improvements
  • NEXEDGE® 2.5 Introduces Enhancements and New Features
  • New Ultra Compact Design for NEXEDGE® Portables
On March 24, 2011, Kenwood first announced the availability of NEXEDGE® 2.5, a firmware update that adds a wide range of new capabilities to NEXEDGE mobiles, portables and infrastructure. 
Enhancements include the KPG-150AP OTAP Manager, enabling over-the-air programming (OTAP) for easier field programming and management of up to 100,000 subscriber units; telephone interconnect, which enables the management of 100,000 subscriber units; IP interface for VoIP, the KTI-4 Interconnect Adapter so that radios can call PSTN & PABX extensions as well as use other telephone features; Selective Call (SelCall) on PTT; enhanced audio settings to reduce background noise and a restricted user feature. The KAS-10 dispatch messaging and GPS/AVL software package has been enhanced to include Virtual Radio IP Dispatch, so that the dispatch PC can connect directly into a NEXEDGE trunked network.   

Further extending the usefulness of the NEXEDGE® brand, Kenwood also released a new 5 Watt UHF/VHF portable, the NX-220/320, that is a full ten percent smaller than prior models, retaining the ultra rugged features including compliance with MilStd 810 and IP54/55 protocols while offering the flexibility of a non-display model for those users who do not need to display talk groups or channels. 
A reduced price on these new models will bring superior digital NEXEDGE performance to more users, making the user-driven scheduled migration to narrowbanding and digital operation even more cost effective. All of these new super compact models also feature the full array of NEXEDGE 2.5 enhancements such as over-the-air programming, enhanced audio and telephone interconnect.  


On April 5, 2011, Kenwood announced the new 10 Series “G-Model” P25 mobiles and portables with expanded memory, improved digital voice performance and advancements in durability. 


The TK-5210G/5310G/5710G portables and TK-5810G mobile all feature dramatic memory expansion, making them ideal for larger systems, with up to 1,024 channels and 100 Zones and ensuring a fast 3 second micro boot time at power up. In addition to IP 65 and 67, these G-Model portables meet the IP 68 standard for maximum tightness against dust and water as well as water immersion for up to 2 hours.

TK-5810G Options for Yellow and International Orange front panels are available to ensure maximum visibility for fire and emergency services use. These radios feature the most recent release of TIA-approved AMBE+2 vocoder for improved FEC and noise-reduction and allow for interoperability with the capability to designate up to 32 different radio systems per system. 

An expanded control channel hunt table means large trunked networks can be accommodated. 

About Kenwood U.S.A.

Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation Communications Sector is a worldwide provider of mobile and portable radios and custom systems to public safety, government and commercial users as well as amateur radio equipment. Founded in the United States in 1961, Kenwood U.S.A. is the largest sales subsidiary of Kenwood Corporation of Japan (founded 1946), which has 11 domestic and 22 subsidiaries around the world serving the needs of communications, home electronics and car entertainment customers. For detailed information, call Kenwood USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit Kenwood at

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