Kentucky Fire Station Damaged After Fire Apparatus Accident

As Whitley (KS) firefighters were being paged out to a trailer fire, one of the doors on a truck swung up, and hit the column separtating two of the bays, reports

“Just an unfortunate accident,” said volunteer firefighter Larry Centers.

Centers and his volunteer firefighters were headed to put out a trailer fire when the part of the outside wall came crashing down.

“One of the compartment doors raised back up, caught the wall, in between the walls, pulled it out as the truck came out,” said Centers.

No one was hurt by the falling bricks and blocks.

“There was another firefighter standing in the engine bay. He got out of they way, no one was hurt. There was minimal damage to the truck despite what happened to the building,” said Captain James Smith.

They knew something bad had just happened, but they still had a run to make.

“Honestly we didn’t think much about it. We had another fire department bring another engine,” said Centers.

Two trucks have to stay outside as it put half the department out of service.

“But a couple of guys stay there at night, to make sure no one messes around, and the sheriff’s office is providing patrols as well,” said Smith.

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