Kempner VFD (TX) Dedicates Fire Apparatus to Honor Long-Term Volunteer

A recently acquired fire truck was dedicated to the late Bud Broeker, a longtime volunteer at the Kempner Volunteer Fire Department, during a ceremony Sunday.

“Bud came to this area in 1998, and he became a member of the fire department (who) we are really going to miss,” Fire Chief Dewey Owen said at the ceremony. “He brought so many skills to help us over the years, like using his computer skills to help set up the programs we use at the annual barbecue auction.”

The “new” fire truck is actually a 1995 model, but it is replacing a 1981 model.

“We can’t afford a brand-new truck, since those tend to run around half a million dollars,” Owen said. “But this one actually came from Louisiana, and we got it for around $40,000.”

The wife of Bud Broeker, Teddy, was in attendance Sunday, along with their son and his family.

During the ceremony, KVFD had a special surprise waiting for Teddy Broeker. After the official dedication, Owen invited her to the front and asked her to pull down a small piece of wood, which revealed the words “In memory of Bud Broeker,” painted on both sides of the truck’s cab.

The fire truck will officially enter service Feb. 1. The truck it is replacing may be sold for parts, as many pieces it currently needs to replace are no longer manufactured.

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