Katy (TX) Prepares to Build Fire Station

Construction could start in March or April on Katy’s second fire station, which will be located on Kingsland Boulevard, west of Pin Oak Road, to better serve residents and businesses south of Interstate 10.

Overwhelming voter support of Katy’s $5 million bond proposition on Nov. 4 means municipal officials now are beginning the process to sell bonds to pay for that fire station and a fire truck to go with it.

“Our next step is to get our bond counsel to prepare the documentation,” said Byron Hebert, city administrator. “Our finance advisory group will get together for the financing part of it.”

“It’s good for the city of Katy to go out and bond now,” Hebert said. He explained that interest rates are low and that the city just got upgraded to a AAA rating by financial advisers Moody’s and Standard & Poors, the best rating the city’s ever had.

It probably will be 90 to 120 days before the city has the actual money in its bank account, said Hebert, adding that the sale of bonds will not require a tax-rate increase.

The city is making sure it has the funds in hand before it starts the process of building the station and ordering the equipment, said Councilman Chuck Brawner.

Pleased with the outcome of the election, Brawner said, “What surprised me was the number of votes cast. It’s great that we had that many people interested in the city and what we’re trying to do to keep up with growth.”

The Harris County Elections website shows that 2,837 ballots were cast out of 6,468 registered voters. The bond proposition passed 2,199-432. In contrast, the 2013 Katy mayoral election drew a total of 1,452 votes in a contested race that separated winner Fabol Hughes by 26 votes from his opponent Carol Adams.

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