Katonah (NY) Smeal Quint Fire Apparatus Walk-Around


The Katonah (NY) Fire Department looked at the long-range needs of its fire district and determined it should incorporate an aerial device into its fleet. But, the angle of entry into its firehouse and low support cross beams inside meant the department needed a vehicle with a low travel height and also one with a restricted length.

Katonah had purchased a pumper from Smeal Fire Apparatus a few years before and again turned to Smeal to develop a low-profile quint that would work for its situation.

The result was a 75-foot aerial quint fire apparatus with an overall height of 10 feet, 9 inches and overall length of 39 feet, 1 inch that carries a Waterous 2,000-gallon-per-minute (gpm) two-stage pump, a 400-gallon water tank, a 20-gallon Class A foam tank, and a FoamPro 2000 foam system.

For more information on this rig, play the video and read: Height and Length Challenges for Katonah (NY) Fire Department Quint.



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