Kalkaska Township Fire Department MI Delighted with New Fire Apparatus

Firefighters of the Kalkaska Township Fire Department Station No. 7 has welcomed a new pumper and equipment truck.  

The new vehicle will replace two of the department’s aging trucks — a 1986 Ford pumper truck and a 1990 rescue and equipment van. The new truck holds 1,000 gallons of water and can store all the equipment — and possibly more — currently carried in the other two. It also has two night-vision cameras. One located on the rear of the truck, and another on the top facing the rear that helps the driver safely maneuver the vehicle.

The 2012 model Multi Vocational Pumper, or MVP, manufactured by Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc. in Holden (LA) was a demonstration model with less than 15,000 miles on it, according to Derek Hogerheide, Station No. 7 fire chief. The demo model cost the township $425,000. Currently, the township is financing the MVP at zero percent interest for five years.

“I fell in love with this truck when I saw it in Roscommon,” said firefighter Chris Doyle, who helped drive it Monday from B&B Trucking Equipment in Byron Center, south of Grand Rapids, to Kalkaska. “It’s a beautiful riding truck. It rides real nice.”

The 1986 pumper truck can’t be sold to another fire department because its open cab-style is no longer allowed.

Another reason for the timing of the purchase was the old Ford pumper truck was past its recommended service life of 25 years. Station No. 7 currently has seven trucks in service, not including the MVP. The department’s next newest vehicle is a 2004 tanker truck built by Chevrolet.

Training on the MVP will start next week. Representatives from Ferrara will come to Kalkaska to train a handful of the local firefighters, who will in turn help train the other members of the department.

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