Joint Venture Provides Situational Awareness

V.C.O.R.E. Solutions LLC, a joint venture between two Long Island-based technology leaders, has been formed to provide solutions for homeland security, emergency preparedness and rapid response environments.

Created by Balfour Technologies and Power Management Concepts (PMC), V.C.O.R.E. is the first company to be launched in the new Morrelly Homeland Security Center (MHSC) in Bethpage, N.Y.

V.C.O.R.E. (Virtual Command Operations and Response Environments) offers an interoperable, virtual and four-dimensional visualization platform.

The platform provides incident commanders, police and fire personnel and first responders with vastly expanded awareness of developing situations in wide-open border terrain, dense urban areas or inside critical infrastructures.

The system brings together Balfour’s patented fourDscape technology, a four-dimensional browser, and PMC’s MC Access, a solution to manage facilities mission critical infrastructure assets, for authorities responsible for securing and protecting infrastructure, such as borders, ports, and transportation hubs.

The combined technology interactively visualizes massive amounts of available intelligence, surveillance and infrastructure data into a single four-dimensional Common Operating 
Environment to achieve mission-critical automated situational awareness.

It provides all hazard responders with a complete integrated solution to optimize and speed effective decisions. The technology has been adopted as the Command and Control virtual operating platform centerpiece of the Homeland Security Applied Science Center of Innovation and Excellence (COIE) in Bethpage.

For information, contact Scott Meyers at 516-390-5294 or e-mail him at

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