Joint Effort to Bring New Fire Truck to Columbia Falls

Columbia Falls has taken receipt of a new fire engine that was jointly paid for by the city and the rural fire service area.

The rural fire service area will pay $205,762 for the new fire engine, and the city will pay $115,365.  The city’s and the rural fire service area’s shares were based on the number of call and the taxable value of property in each area.

The pumper truck was built by Rosenbauer America in Lyons (SD). The engine has a 1,000 gallon water tank, a 1,500 gallon per minute pump and a 20 gallon foam tank. Five of the six seats for firefighters have space inside the seats to hold air tanks for self-contained breathing apparatus.

Radio equipment for the new fire engine will come from the pumper truck the city donated to the Saco fire department last year. New aluminum wheels will be purchased locally.

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