Jamestown (CO) to get New Fire Station

Jamestown — perhaps the single hardest-hit municipality in the 2013 flood — will soon take another big step toward restoring normalcy by opening a new and much improved fire station.

The longtime firehouse was rendered a total loss almost 16 months ago.

Thanks to insurance and an “energy impact” grant from Colorado’s Department of Local Affairs, the tiny foothills community is slated to open a new, $888,000 fire station by mid-February.

“It’ll just be another part of this return to a little bit of normal,” volunteer Fire Chief Arne Metzger said. “It’s us coming back stronger, and it sure is a lot better than what we had.”

What they had was a somewhat beat-up structure that the all-volunteer, 16-member department had far outgrown. When the flood arrived, it severely undercut the foundation of the building and brought down two of its front walls.

“When you’ve got a fire hall as old as we had, anything’s an improvement,” Mayor Tara Schoedinger said.

The new station, Metzger said, has enough space to accommodate the department’s four trucks. The previous station had room for about an inch of clearance for the trucks.

It’ll also have a modern training area upstairs, which the town may use for community gatherings.

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