Jamaica Fire Brigade Gets 33 Rosenbauer Fire Trucks

Rosenbauer selected to manufacture 33 pumpers for the Jamaica Fire Brigade.
Rosenbauer was selected to manufacturer 33 pumpers for the Jamaica Fire Brigade. Built on International 7400 cabs and chassis, the units have Rosenbauer high pressure pumps and 1,320-gallon tanks with 52-gallon foam cells.
Before Rosenbauer apparatus, Jamaica Fire Brigade's fleet consisted of worn out apparatus.
Before the new Rosenbauer apparatus were delivered, Jamaica Fire Brigade’s fleet consisted of worn out, European-style apparatus at least 25-years-old, or older. (Rosenbauer Photo)
Firefighters participated in training sessions on the new apparatus.
Each firefighter participated in four-day training sessions on the new apparatus. (Rosenbauer Photo)
The apparatus were presented at a ceremony on July 17.
The new apparatus were presented at a formal ceremony on July 17 which was attended by Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. The fleet was also blessed at the same time. (Rosenbauer Photo)

Rosenbauer America recently delivered 33 fire apparatus to the Jamaica Fire Brigade and secured another order for 13 additional units.

The new apparatus were delivered fully equipped, including Holmatro rescue tools and Draeger self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The sale represented a complete, top-to-bottom rebuilding of the fire brigade which previously had been using apparatus that was more than 25 years old and equipment that was totally worn out and not fit for service, said Dave McAlice, Rosenbauer America’s export projects manager.

“It was like Christmas in July,” McAlice said of the July 17th delivery and acceptance ceremony, which was attended by Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

A cornerstone of Miller’s candidacy for prime minister was her promise to rebuild Jamaica’s fire service. The delivery of 33 brand-new, fully equipped apparatus, and the promise of more, was the fulfillment of that promise.

“What they had before was basically garbage,” McAlice said. Much of the equipment was worn out, non-operational and would have been redlined here in the States.

“It feels good to be part of the team that helped rebuild their fire service,” he said.

The 33 apparatus consist of 25 pumpers, four foam tenders and four tankers. They were delivered in two batches, one in July and the second, with 15 pumpers, in early August.

Harold Boer, president of Rosenbauer America, headquartered in Lyons, S.D., said he was glad to help and wished the Jamaica Fire Brigade well.

“We are excited and honored to be part of the rebuilding of the Jamaica Fire Brigade,” Boer said. “The brigade has put a lot of confidence in our company to be supplying them with a wide variety of new fire apparatus, from pumpers and tankers, to new aerials and platforms, even crane-equipped rescue squads.”

Boer said he and Rosenbauer America look forward to working with the brigade and “will assist further by entering into an extended five-year service plan.” The local Rosenbauer dealer, National Safety Limited of Jamaica, will handle service, maintenance and training.

The new apparatus was “huge news” in Jamaica, specially since the prime minister and a dozen of her top advisors attended the presentation and blessing of the fleet and dozens of reporters from all media venues attended.

McAlice said firefighters pumped with the apparatus and demonstrated the Command Light light towers during the ceremony. The prime minister was presented with ceremonial keys to the vehicles.

Firefighters in four districts in 33 stations located strategically over the island provide fire protection in Jamaica. McAlice said that is why the initial bid was for 33 apparatus.

Product training was part of the bid. McAlice, who is also a firefighter in Massachusetts, spent a lot of time in Jamaica training more than 100 firefighters, officers and maintenance staff on the equipment and how it is used.

Representatives from Holmatro also traveled to Jamaica to train firefighters on the new rescue tools as did people from Draeger who gave training on the new SCBAs in four-day sessions held in Kingston and Montego Bay.

“Our classes were full of eager students,” McAlice said, noting that the sessions included classroom and hands-on training. “All aspects of the new vehicles were gone over in detail from the International cabs and chassis, through the pump and plumbing, foam systems, Holmatro rescue tools and Draeger SCBA equipment.”

All of the apparatus are built on International 7400 cabs and chassis. The pumpers have rear-mount Rosenbauer NP20 high-pressure pumps and Rosenbauer Fix-Mix foam systems with 1,320-gallon water tanks and 52-gallon foam cells.

Each pumper is outfitted with 5,000-watt generators, 3,000-watt Command Light towers, SCBA equipment, Holmatro rescue tools and Rosenbauer “Otter” portable pumps for remote water operations.

McAlice said the bid also required Rosenbauer to deliver the apparatus turnkey with hose, nozzles and other loose equipment.

Rosenbauer America will be building and delivering 13 additional units, including four 104-foot aerial platforms, four 75-foot quints and five specialty rescue vehicles with cranes.

“Every firefighter I’ve talked with is really looking forward to new aerial devices, something the Jamaica Fire Brigade has not seen in years,” McAlice said. “We’ll be replacing mostly older, articulated apparatus, so the telescopic ladders and platforms will bring the Jamaica Fire Brigade into a new era for both firefighting and rescue operations.”

The five rescue units will be unique apparatus designed as heavy-duty rescue squads with rear-mounted utility cranes based on International 4×4 cabs and chassis.

All 13 vehicles will be built at Rosenbauer America’s facilities in Fremont, Neb., and Lyons, S.D.

For information call 605-543-5591 or go to www.rosenbaueramerica.com.

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