Jackson (NH) Officials Give Blessing to Pre-Order New Pumper

Jackson (NH) officials approved the fire department’s request to order a new Class A pumper, reports conwaydailysun.com.

Though the board lacks the authority to actually buy the truck, it recommended acting quick as any delays could result in rising costs. The potential purchase/lease will go to voters at town meeting next spring, but the board has the authority to pre-order one immediately; should voters vote not to fund it, there would be an out clause in the contract, the report says.

There’s a 15- to 18-month wait time for delivery.

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The apparatus would replace the department’s 1989 Mack tanker, which is one of four in the department’s fleet; the other three are a 1996 Mack pumper, a 2004 Mack Central States, and a 2016 HMR Ahrens Fox STO, the report says.

Voters have approved allocating about $80,000 per year over the past several years to add to the fire equipment capital reserve fund, which now stands around $480,000, according to the report.

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