ISFSI Launches Credentialing Program

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) is launching a fire instructor credentialing program at the Fire Department Instructors Conference next month in Indianapolis.

ISFSI recognized the need to establish an opportunity for aspiring, emerging, developing or practicing fire service instructors, training officers and allied training personnel to qualify their professional status.

The credentialing program is designed to provide instructors a direct pathway to develop and advance as professional educators and will bridge the gap between fire service professional development, the professional credentialing of instructors, and the accreditation of emerging training curriculums and eLearning platforms and programs.

Candidates will submit a portfolio representing a combination of life experience, education and training to be reviewed by a council of esteemed fire service and education professionals. The council will be empowered by the ISFSI Board of Directors to award the appropriate professional credentials based on guidelines and criteria. A credential is valid for three years before it must be renewed.

ISFSI’s Professional Development Credentialing Program will align, as well as support, national initiatives.

ISFSI will present an eight-hour workshop Tuesday, March 22, at FDIC 2011 that will introduce the program and process, Professional Development and Credentialing for Tomorrow’s Leaders. The highly interactive workshop will present ISFSI’s new professional credentialing model and provide orientation and direction on achieving professional credentialing.

A terminal objective of the workshop will be the development of a career pathway matrix to assist participants in their continuing education and credentialing endeavors in the volunteer and career fire and emergency services sectors.

The workshop provides comprehensive insights and presentations on trends, methods and system paths available for professional development, professional credentialing and continuing education.

Attendees will receive advanced instructor development and ethics training. They will be introduced to the idea of how an individual’s preconceived beliefs influence not only behavior, but learning. Participants will learn the essential features of a constructive teaching relationship and consider the ethical responsibilities – and remarkable opportunities – for professional educators working in the fire service.

A panel of highly respected industry professionals will explore:

  • The art of being a master influencer.
  • Methods to change organizational culture.
  • Students who are challenged by personal motivation and personal ability.
  • Influences of social pressures.

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