Ipswich (MA) Gets Grant for New Fire Equipment

The Fire Department is getting an equipment upgrade, thanks to a $10,596 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

The grant will go toward purchasing hydrant-assist valves for fire engines. The valves allow firefighters to increase the pressure and volume of water being discharged from fire hydrants, according to a press release from fire Chief Greg Gagnon. Without the valves, the water supply has to be shut down. Then a second fire engine has to be used to make the proper connections to improve the water supply. 

“We need to be able to augment our water supply system to supply adequate water to the scene,” said Lt. Andre Theriault, who applied for the grant. “A hydrant typically fills X amount of water at a certain pressure, so when we want to move that amount a larger distance, typically the pressure is not enough. The valve increases pressure and gets that volume of water down to the scene.”

Gagnon said firefighters can have trouble boosting water pressure and the volume of the water because the town has small water mains. 

“With the valves, you don’t have to break down the hose, you can just use this appliance without stopping the water flow,” he said.  

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