Introducing The Fire Academy

Check out some featured fire apparatus-related courses from The Fire Academy site.
FDIC International/YouTube

The Clarion Events Fire and Rescue Group has launched the Fire Academy, a new subscription service featuring hundreds of online courses for fire and EMS training, including courses with continuing education credits. Learn more at

Some select fire apparatus-related courses are noted below:

Aerial Apparatus 101

Lou Scalafani discusses the basic ins and outs of modern aerial apparatus, how they differ from past trucks, terminology, and what to know before purchasing or riding on one for the next call.

Apparatus Pre-Planning: An Operator’s Key to Success

Ed Collet instructs on why it’s as important to know the specs of your apparatus as it is knowing the scene prior to a crew’s arrival.

Class A Foam: Applications for Structural and Wildland Firefighting

Todd McNeal goes indepth on this versatile, tactical application used in both strucural and wildland firefighting and how it compares to water in fighting fire.

Efficient Rural Water Delivery: Accomplishing More with Less

Rural fire service member Jason Estep talks about the importance of water and the difficulties departments can have in securing, delivering, and maximizing its use in the rural setting.

Fire Apparatus Seating Configurations

Ricky Riley goes indepth on the most common configurations, the logistics, and standards involving seating arrangements in all fire apparatus.

Quick Drills for the Driver Operator

Eric Hankins offers these quick tips to allow apparatus driver-operators to improve their skills and become more efficient attheir job.

The Basics of Apparatus Purchasing

Bill Peters discusses what every fire department needs to know when making its latest apparatus purchase.

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